Evan-Thomas Bike Path / Terrace Trail bike loop
note Evan-Thomas is now the Bill Milne Bike Path

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This excellent loop in the Kananaskis Valley includes a variety of trails and quality of terrain.
We started off in the Kananaskis Village, and biked down the hill to the Evan-Thomas (/Bill Milne) paved bike path.
This path goes from the village to Wedge Pond, after which we continued another couple kilometres along highway 40 to Galatea Creek.
From Galatea trailhead, the Terrace trail goes all the way to the village, on a gradual decline.
It's an awesome singletrack, and really nice on this loop route where most of the elevation is gained on the easy stuff for a fun ride down.
I took a number of photos while riding. While not awesome or clear photos, they had a really interesting quality.

Starting off south on the paved pathway.

Wedge Pond and the end of the bike path.

Biking down Highway 40 to Galatea.

Mount Kidd and the road.

On to the Terrace trail.

Lovely singletrack for the rest of the trip.

One awkward section across a creekbed.

Typical easy Terrace terrain.

Photos taken by Rachel

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