Old Goat Glacier

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Distance - 9km Elevation gain - 378m
2:15 ascent / 1:30 descent (total)

We planned to hike up to Old Goat Glacier. I had a little trouble finding the trailhead, but it was really obvious once we did.
The first section of the trail is very straightforward, on a clear trail through the forest, in very good shape despite its unofficial status.

Wandering the Reservoir looking for the trailhead.

We found the trailhead!

The start of the forest trail.

The mostly-good hiking trail.

Hiking along the stream near the end.

The waterfall at the headwall.

The trail comes out of the forest at the base of a steep slope - there is a headwall with waterfall on the right, and a long scree and talus slope on the left.
The standard route ascends the left slope, but looking up the waterfall, I thought I could see a line that looked a lot more interesting, so we decided to try it.
We started hiking up a grassy slope on climber's right to reach the base of the rocks.
The scrambling then began on pretty easy terrain, travelling on a mixture of rocky slopes and grassy sections in between.

The normal ascent route at left.

Looking up the waterfall.

Hiking up the grassy slope.

Starting into the scrambling.

Christina and Peter scramble up the rocks.

Christina hiking between rockbands.

As we got higher, the scrambling became a little more challenging, but mostly just in the route-finding sense, and we continued to make a good line.
One awkward featureless slab was ascended by crawling underneath a gnarly pine route, which was very interesting.
Overall, it was some fun routefinding and simple scrambling.

Christina and Laurier scrambling.

Christina crawls through the tree roots.

Laurier making his way through the tree.

Peter ascends a less-featured slab.

Christina on good terrain.

Peter looks out over the slope.

We made it to near the top of the headwall, when we were unfortunately cut just short by an approaching thunderstorm.
Looking further up the headwall, there was just one more rockband to navigate, and I was able to see a good line through it, so I do believe the whole thing will go.
Being it a terrible place to be caught in a thunderstorm though, we had to retreat quickly. We cut off the headwall to climber's right.
Not too far below, a forest started again, and we were able to get into the reasonably dense trees to descend.
The slope was extremely steep and not easy to follow, but we were able to make it down, luckily with only rain sprinkles and some thunder rumbling.

The thunderstorm moves in over Old Goat Mountain.

Christina and Peter make their way off the rockwall.

Watching the approaching thunderstorm.

Christina and Peter reach the woods.

Near the bottom of the forest slope, the storm passed and the sun returned without incident, but of course we couldn't know that while we were on the headwall.
We returned the same way back out.
I'll have to return to do the loop via the headwall and in to the glacier another time.

Descending the steep forest slope.

Starting back into the creek at the base.

Hiking down the creekslope.

A final look at the waterfall.

Photos taken by Rachel

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