Top of the World backpack

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Distance - 6.7km Elevation gain - 212m

Over the Canada Day weekend, we headed into Top of the World Provincial Park in the BC Rockies.
We drove out Friday night and camped at Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, then the next morning, drove the sketchy fire road in to the trailhead.
The hike in is 6.7km, with 212m of elevation gain, and we planned to stay at the lake for three nights, basecamping, so brought all our luxury gear.
We had a good hike in and set up camp, but unfortunately, woke the next morning to rain. We also discovered that everything higher than Fish Lake was snowbound.
Our first full day, we had planned to hike to Sparkle Lake, but due to the steady and major rain, ended up just hiking around Fish Lake, then drying out at camp.
We had a number of tarps, but also spent some time in the evening inside the empty hut, where we were joined for a while by the Parks trail crew.
The next day we woke to continued rain, and while some of the group decided to try again for Sparkle Lake, Laurier and I hiked out to get home early, rather than hanging around in the rain more.
As we got back out of Top of the World, the rain eased off, and we stopped by the lovely Lussier hot springs on the way back for a soak.
The natural hot springs spill out of a rocky hillside, and downhill into a creek. Several basins have been built out of rocks to capture the water, but it's not contained in any way.
I'd highly recommend the hot springs if ever in the area, but I'll have to come back to Top of the World at a better time for some real hiking.

Crossing the Lussier River on the hike in.

Another bridge over the upstream Lussier River.

The Fish Lake cabin - campground at left.

Our tents in the Fish Lake campground.

Crossing the Fish Lake outflow.

Waterfall coming down from an upper cirque.

We hike in to the waterfall.

Checking out the waterfall.

Snowball fight.

Continuing around the lake.

Looking across the lake to the cabin.

More hiking around the lake.

Lussier headwaters on the way out.

Crossing the bridge back.

Hot springs on the Lussier River.

The hot spring water.

Photos taken by Rachel

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