Point Overnight

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Distance - 4km Elevation gain - 100m
1 hour out / 50 min back

Another year's training overnight trip to Point Campground
This year, the plan was to canoe, but a forecast for strong winds led to preparing for a backpacking trip.
When we arrived, the winds were blowing pretty strongly, but most of the group canoed anyways.
Kyle and I sent off the rest of the group, then hiked around the lake and scouted out the camp before meeting the boaters.
The trip was uneventful, but in the evening, a pair of young grizzly bears walked around the lake and through the campsite.
Talking to Parks later, it turns out that people have been using the edge of the lake as a refridgerator, leaving food out for the bears to enjoy.
Since the campground is so easily accessible, as well as poorly laid out, it attracts a lot of inexperienced people who don't know the necessary wilderness precautions.
We ended up clustering the tents together over the night, away from the area where there were other groups and the bears' path.
The next morning was gorgous and sunny, and we took the low route back after seeing off the boaters.

The rest of the group starts off in canoes under sketchy skies.

We beat the boaters across the lake.

The trail from the upper line through the rockpile.

The shore where the canoes land.

Evening light on Upper Kananaskis Lake.

The tents in the morning.

The lake sparkling in the clear morning sun.

The boats in the inlet below Indefatigable.

Mount Sarrail on the south side of the lake.

In the bright sun, the lake water looks almost tropical.

The canoe group setting out for the way back.

A last look at the blue-green inlet waters.

Photos taken by Rachel

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