Castle Lookout

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Distance - 3.8km each way Elevation gain - 550m
ascent / descent

Castle Lookout is a short, steep trail in the Bow Valley that visit the site of a former fire lookout.
The trail starts out at road-width, evidence of its former use as a supply road/track.
The first section crosses the remains of an old log cabin, thought to date to the mining era, then switchbacks up through the forest.
The trail is very nicely graded, with steady switchbacks the whole way, gradually moving up through thinning trees and occasional views.
Further up the trail narrows, but remains in good shape.
The lookout itself was decomissioned in the 70s, before burning down in 1983.
What remains now is the concrete foundation, and the view for which it was located here.

The trail at the start of the trip.

The remains of the cabin near the start.

This sort of construction clearly lasts a long time.

Looking up to the Castle cliffs above.

Jeff and Axel hike up the trail.

Looking up a gully to the cliffs.

A small canyon section in the gully.

Jeff hikes up the switchback above.

The only remains of the lookout.

Pano of the Bow Valley from the lookout site.

Photos taken by Rachel

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