Indian Graves Ridge
Hike 3 of Livingstone Camping Trip

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We took the route as described on the GemTrek map, though it seemed longer.

Indian Graves Ridge is an unofficial route on the eastern edge of the Livingstone.
It begins with a steep ascent to the ridgeline with a neat rock formation that gives the ridge its name.

Iron Creek at the start of the route.

Indian Graves Ridge.

Erin hikes up the front of the ridge.

Erin and the gravestones formation.

Looking down the ridge at the outcropping.

Playing around on the rocks.

Erin looks at our route ahead.

Erin on the rocky ridge. We had a sunny day, but with awesome dramatic skies.

After the initial ascent, the standard route continues along the ridgeline, following a fence much of the way through mixed forest.
The initial part was really neat, but the rest of the hike wasn't all that exciting, and I'm not sure I'd do it again.
Though it may have felt longer and slower than it was on this trip, as Erin and I tend to stop and look at every single plant...
I would definitely do a short trip and scramble up the rock outcropping directly (looks really cool), then descend the main front face.

The route heads along the ridgeline.

Erin on typical ridge terrain.

The route finishes at a nondescript pass, then heads down a gully and back around the ridge, roughly along Iron Creek.
I may try again descending into Corral Creek, or one of the other ridges and see whether that makes for a more interesting day.

The route heads back down.

Fledgeling creek develops in a meadow.

Erin hikes along the creek on the way back.

Finishing up the trip along Iron Creek.

Photos taken by Rachel

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