Plateau Mountain
Hike 2 of Livingstone Camping Trip

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Plateau Mountain is a large mountain formed as a nunatak in the last ice age. The glaciers surrounding but not covering it make the environment unique.
It is surrounded on most sides by steep cliffs, while the summit is 11 square km of almost completely flat land.
The last time I was up here, we had some low clouds roll in, and without the view, you couldn't even tell you were on a mountain.
This spring, there was still snow covering most of the renowned patterned ground, and a crazy wind blowing across the top.
It was unpleasant and even difficult to walk over much of it, so we hiked straight across the top for a view of the eastern side, then headed back down the road.

Starting up the road from the closed public gate.

Plateau Mountain from the western ascent route.

Erin and the others hike up the road.

Hiking across the top of Plateau Mountain (no clear summit).

Hiking through the wind.

The eastern ridge of the mountain.

Huge icicled cornice on the eastern cliffs.

Heading back down and out of the wind.

Finishing up back on the sheltered road.

Photos taken by Rachel

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