Hailstone Butte
Hike 1 of Livingstone Camping Trip

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Hailstone Butte is a peak in the Livingstone area with one of the few remaining active fire lookouts on top.
The main route is from Teardrop Lake up a prominent gully on the east side.

Starting off on the trail.

Windy Peak Hills across the road behind us.

Hiking up the gully.

Heading up to the summit cliff band.

Once at the top of the gully, there are three possible routes.
One is to scramble directly up the cliffband. I came down this scramble the last time I did the peak, and wanted to check out the other options.
The other two require one to traverse north along the slopes below the cliffband.
Normally, this is a pretty easy traverse, but this early in the year, there was still a lot of snow around, so we had to go much higher to traverse.

Looking across the slope above the snow.

The high traverse.

Hiking just under the cliffband.

Final traverse around the peak.

Once you get across this second gully, you can see the possible routes. A large plateau is visible to the north.
One possibiilty is to hike out along the plateau, and meet up with the road that ascends to the ridge from east side (and ultimately around the north).
The other is to continue a little further, then turn 180 degrees and switchback up the steep but hikeable slope immediately north of the summit.
On this trip, we'd planned to take that direct route up, then walk the ridge and come down the road and back around the plateau.

The plateau ahead with road covered in snow.

Starting up the slope north of the summit.

Looking up at the stair-like ascent route.

Jocelyn went ahead and found a nice bench atop the ridge.

We had a nice lunch on top, but unfortunately the weather got worse and a lot of low clouds came in.
For that reason (and all the snow), we skipped the ridgewalk and road descent, and returned directly to the plateau.
Wanting a little more exploration, we did a small loop around the edge of the plateau, then traversed and returned via our ascent gully.

Hiking north along the summit ridge.

Heading down to the plateau.

Interesting terrain on the east edge of plateau.

Clouds moving through as we again reach the cliffband.

More clouds move through on the traverse.

Clouds clear up for our descent to the main gully.

Group photo above the gully.

The end of the hike with clouds a little higher.

Photos taken by Rachel

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