Camping in the Livingstone
3 nights camping and 3 days of hiking in the Livingstone area over the May long.

Since the May long weekend tends to be a very busy time for camping, I headed out Friday afternoon to secure a campsite at the Cataract Creek Campground.
While I did get my pick of sites (which proved helpful), it wasn't strictly necessary, as the campground surprisingly did not fill all weekend.
Might have been the weather, or just being far enough out of the way, but I'll keep it in mind for next time.
The campground is nice enough, but as always, not set up for backpackers who just occasionally car camp. You must pay by the unit, and a maximum of two units per site.
That meant that our group of five people, all owning only 2-man tents, was supposed to pay for 3 units on two sites, while the pickups towing apartment-sized RVs were only one unit.
Something is wrong with this.
At any rate, we were just there to sleep, as we planned on hiking all the days, but due to the poor weather, we did have to do a lot of fortification, for which the good site helped.
Most sites here have lots of trees though, so it should be pretty possible to rainproof most any of the the sites.

Our well-tarped home for the weekend.

Back view of our campsite.

My 2-man tent and the ridiculous unit across the street from us. They charge the same for either of these two 'units'...

I had a few big and new trips planned for the weekend, but we had mostly poor weather which meant we had to cut back on the plans.
It's not much fun doing long ridgewalks in deep unstable snow with howling winds and snowstorms...

Day 1 - Hailstone Butte

Day 2 - Plateau Mountain

Day 3 - Indian Graves Ridge

Photos taken by Rachel

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