The Narrows from Devil's Gap

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Distance - 8.7km each way, basically flat

Laurier and I hiked in to The Narrows campground from the Ghost River area.
The first obstacle is the drive in. In the spring, we have to cross an overflown river that can get trapped by the winter ice.
Once we made it to the hill, to get in to the Banff Park boundary, we took what looks like a riverbed.
We tried an incorrect route first, and when we did find the right one, it turned out just barely wide enough for the car.

The creek flowing down the Waiparous road.

Laurier makes it through the creek easily. Go Subaru!

A look at Black Rock Mountain from the riverbed.

The Banff park boundary, and the start of our hike.

The route goes along the shore of the Ghost Lakes, which in April are basically empty.

Laurier starts down the trail.

Sand dunes at the east end of the lake.

The first empty lake.

The empty lake below Phantom Crag.

Laurier hikes along the trail south of the lakes.

Laurier navigates some deadfall.

One of the worst parts of the spring was the ticks, which were out in full force.
Every time we touched a shrub, a few ticks crawled off onto us. We had to knock them off constantly.
I managed to catch them all, but Laurier found at least one crawling the inside of his pants at the end of the day.


At the west Ghost Lake, we found a collection of fun rocks and stopped for some bouldering with our lunch.

The boulders along the lake.

Laurier contemplates a boulder.

Laurier does some climbing.

Laurier climbs one of the boulders.

Laurier climbing.

The trail through on the north side of the lake.

The low and deep icy lake.

Looking east to Devil's Gap from the campsite.

We made it to Lm22 near dusk, and made dinner quick as the light faded.

The next morning was a brighter day, and we packed up and left early.
To avoid the ticks, we hiked along the lakeshore instead of the trail - recommended for early season.

Rachel on a boulder along the lake.

Laurier hikes along one of the Ghost Lakes.

Piglet found a pile of ice crystals to explore.

Photos taken by Rachel

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