Mesa Butte

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Mesa Butte is a small hill north of the Sheep Valley, and a great place for the early season when the mountains are still snowed.
There are a number of possible routes up various aspects of the hill, and many different loops can be made.
We ascended from the mid-south point to the saddle south of the peak, then up the south ridge.
On top, we found a nicely-built fire pit with logs, so we burned some small branches with our lunch.
On the return, we headed back down the south ridge, then continued over a small sub-peak to the south.
Beyond the saddle, the trail degraded into a mess of deadfall, making the route not the best, but still travelable.

Looking up the south ridge from the saddle.

The view back from near the top.

A look west to the Banded group.

A nice little lunchfire.

A few dry pine branches get the flames going.

A stack of dry pine branches get the fire going even better!

More dry bits on the fire before they flare up.

We fully burned out the fire, then snowed the coals before leaving.

Laurier and Axel start off down the ridge to return. My only photo for the day, as my camera was broken at the time.

Photos taken by Axel.

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