Door Jamb Mountain and Loder Peak
and a next-day repeat of most of it

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Loder Peak is a great scramble in the front ranges that stays snow-free most of the year.
Kyle and I got out early one weekday to try it out in March, and the conditions were great.
We hiked up the ridgeline over Door Jamb Mountain to Loder Peak, and continued up the ridge to the second bump above Loder, then returned the same way.
In the summer, I'm a strong advocate of returning via Jura Creek, but in the winter the creekbed is rather less fun and it's nice to stay high.

Unfortuantely, I lost my awesome softshell somewhere along the way, and ended up re-hiking the route the next day to try to find it.
I was unsuccessful, which was terribly disappointing. It must have blown off the ridge and landed somewhere in the forest below. :(

Looking up the ridgeline ahead.

The view beyond Loder Peak.

Door Jamb Mountain from Loder.

Mount Fable next door.

Kyle on the summit.

Rachel on top.

Photos taken by Kyle and Rachel

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