Gunnery Mountain

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Gunnery Mountain is a small sub-peak in the Highwood. As this area doesn't tend to accumulate much snow, it's a great winter scrambling destination.
There is a hiking trail that heads up the east side of the peak, then ascend it from the back, but that seemed likely to be much snowier.
The ridges up both sides of it didn't look too technical, so I decided to give it a shot and see how the trip went.
We ascended the SE ridge, then descended the SW ridge. Both were very low in snow, and neither had any major difficulties.
It's an easy scramble, and that only for the fact that it's completely off-trail and you'll have to find your own path (though 'up' generally works).
Still no camera, so I have just a few crappy cell phone photos to show the terrain.

The SE ridge ascent.

Typical mixed terrain on the SE ridge.

Looking straight down to the road from the top.

The group starts down the SW ridge.

The SW ridge is the windward, and has fewer trees.

Typical open terrain on the SW ridge.

Photos taken by Rachel

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