Sibbald Hills

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I wanted to try snowshoeing the Deer Ridge trail, so we headed out to Sibbald Lake. There, we discovered very little snow.
We played around with the snowshoes a bit on the lake, so as to make the rental not completely worthless.
Then we left our snowshoes in the car, and went hiking.
I realized pretty quickly that the hills did not seem to line up with the map, but the hiking was good anyways, so we went ahead and did a loop.
I eventually figured out that we had actually stopped at Sibbald Meadows Pond, and not Sibbald Lake, and of course nothing looked right.
If you've ever been to Sibbald Lake, you'd never make this mistake, and a more careful reading would have also solved the problem.
Having never been in the area, I didn't even realize Sibbald Meadows Pond existed, and thus made the mistake.
It turns out the Lake is much bigger, and the terrain is noticeably different. But the hike we did through the hills above the pond was also nice.
There aren't really any trails in the area, but the forest is pretty open and windswept, and we had a nice loop. I'd recommend it for winter/shoulder season exploring.

Snowshoeing across the pond.

Axel and Andreas trying out their snowshoes.

More goofing off.

Axel, Jeff, and Andreas race.

Jeff is left in the dust.

Andreas kicks up a blast of snow.

Jeff is lost in the flying snow.

Great skies above the Sibbald Hills.

Rachel hikes up the hillside.

Andreas, Jeff, and Rachel squeeze onto a forest rock.

Andreas, Jeff, and Axel look out the edge of the hillside.

Photos taken by Rachel

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