Valley of the Birds

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Laurier and I joined Scott and some friends to go ice climbing in the Ghost.
While a good part of the adventure was just the driving to and from the trailhead, the climbing was excellent.
We hiked in to the valley, and up to the climbs.
The valley was a combination of walking and climbing up a series of icefalls.
We then made it up to the Yellowbird access and did a few climbs on a top rope.

The start of the trip.

Hiking in to the Valley of the Birds.

The GBU.

Starting up the first icefall.

Laurier climbs the icefall.

Ascending a longer ice fall in the valley.

A short bit of ice.

Rachel climbing on the toprope.

Laurier climbing.

Climbing near the top of the pitch.

The pitch of ice we climbed.

Scott hides in a cave to belay.

Scott belaying from the cave.

Descending one of the ice falls.

Climbing back down the valley.

Photos taken by Scott and Rachel

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