Rawson Lake

Marta and I snowshoed up to Rawson Lake for a late-day trip in the early season.
We brought crazy carpets, and despite the pretty skies at the lake, the highlight was definitely the trip back down.
Rawson Lake trail is very nicely formed with steady switchbacks, and often even well-banked corners.
We were able to slide the vast majority of the way back down, and got a good ab workout out of it as well!!

Upper Kananaskis Lake.

The trail on the ascent.

Rachel reaches the lake.

The sun hides just behind Mount Sarrail at Rawson Lake.

Rachel demonstrating good downhilll form.

Marta goes for a long slide....

... ending in disaster.

No wait, she's good!

Marta on the way down.

Rachel tries a different tactic.

Photos taken by Rachel

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