Strawberry Hills
a rolling route around a collection of Highwood Valley hills.

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The Strawberry Hills are a cluster of hills SW of the road along the Highwood Valley.
There are assorted bits of trail, including both people and game, but none of it official or marked.
There are a number of possible routes to take. We made a loop incorporating two SE hills, then returning along the side of a third.
Routefinding skills are a must for this trip, but the only technical difficulty is crossing the Highwood River at the beginning.
One highlight of this trip was a mother bear with two cubs on another hillside that we had a chance to watch (too far for my camera though).

The group wades the Highwood River.

Starting back out across the river.

The group hikes through mixed forest.

Starting to ascend the first hill.

Aspen takes a break on our way up.

Looking west to the High Rock Range.

Slightly overgrown trail on our way up.

Decent game trails through the forest.

Hiking open hillside again!

The group spreads out for the final ascent.

The group on top of the high point.

The broad hillside where we stopped for lunch.

Pano from the high point of the day, centered on the west.

Looking down the route we'll be descending.

The group starts off after lunch.

A hidden trail near the valley bottom.

The group hikes game trails.

Reaching the bottom of the valley.

Starting along the creek to head back.

The end of the day included a bit of bushwhacking to reach the next hillside which we would contour along to return.

Antonio finds a way through the deadfall.

Back on open hillside and heading back.

The group hikes the open ground around the river.

Crossing the Highwood River on return.

Photos taken by Rachel

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