Lillian Lake
A 3-day backpack up Galatea Creek with Teen Camps.

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The trail up Galatea Creek is straightforward, well-signed, and well-maintained.
At the start, it wanders back and forth across the stream on a series of bridges, then opens up into a ledge over the valley.
The upper part ducks into the trees again for a short steep ascent to the lake.
We camped at the lake for two nights, and were lucky enough to have spectacular weather the whole time.

The bridge over the Kananaskis River.

Kananaskis River and Mount Kidd.

The open section of trail midway up.

Sign on the last part of the trail from a previous group.

Lillian Lake from the campground on the far (west) end. Mount Kidd is the grey peak down the valley.

On the second day, we hiked up to Guinn's Pass. It's not a very long ascent, but is fairly steep, and open most of the way.
It's definitely better to do earlier in the day, as the sun can get pretty hot later on as you slog up the valley.
The trail is well worth it though - the view from Guinn's Pass is excellent, and you can look down the Ribbon Creek valley.
Many people do this trip as a loop, coming up the Ribbon side, and back down Galatea, thus avoiding descending the Ribbon cliff.
As a day hike, however, Galatea is the side to take. The trail is quite good most of the way, and much better than the loose Ribbon side.

Jamie leads up the valley.

A small creeklet parallels the upper trail.

Looking up the valley to the pass.

The group ascends the final meadows.

The view north across the pass.

A look back down the Galatea side.

Pano from Guinn's Pass, centered on the west.

After descending back to the campground, Jamie and some of the group got started on dinner.
I took some of the group who were still interested in more for an additional hike up to the Galatea Lakes.
The lakes are spectacularly beautiful, being deep blue-green holes in the rock, and the upper lake looks great for a hot day's swim.
Unfortunately, my camera abruptly committed suicide on the way back down from Guinn's Pass (nothing even happened to it!),
and I have no photos of the lakes or the third day's uneventful trip back.

Photos taken by Rachel

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