Buller Pass

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Distance - 15km Elevation gain - 670m
3 hours, 15 min ascent / 2 hours descent (including all stops and breaks)

The Buller Pass hike begins as a creekwalk, heading upstream to a small punchbowl falls.
We stopped to check out the falls, and were able to stand right at them.

Buller Creek.

Large trees in the low forest.

Buller Creek Falls.

The punchbowl falls from above.

Laurier climbs around to the falls.

Easy access.

Beyond the falls, the trail continues up through thinning trees with a number of wildflowers, including a colourful selection of paintbrush.
There are many stands of larch as well towards the top.

Tiny North Buller Creek at the junction.

A first view into the dramatic upper bowl.

Various shades of colourful paintbrush in the upper valley.

Open larch forest as we ascend.

The trees thin out to the high meadows.

Once the trees are done, there's a little more alpine valley, then the trail climbs steeply uphill on decent rock path to the pass.
The pass itself is awesome, and makes the nice trip very worthwhile.
The highlight is the view through the pass down the Ribbon Creek valley, with Ribbon Lake bright blue beneath the two peaks of Mount Kidd.
Guinn's Pass is also visible to the south, as well as a good look back across the Smith-Dorrien to Mount Assinibine.

The trail heads into the alpine.

Tiny Buller Creek flows down climber's right.

Looking back at the good trail through the alpine cirque.

Laurier reaches the pass.

The awesome view of Ribbon Lake and Mount Kidd.

Full pano from the summit centred on the unnamed peak south of the pass.
The Ribbon Creek valley to the east is on the left, and the Buller Creek valley to the west is on the mid-right.

The unnamed peak north of the pass.

A look towards Mount Bogart and the North pass.

Mount Assiniboine to the west.

The elegant ridge of South Kidd from Guinn's Pass.

We started this one a little late in the day and the sun was low in the west as we headed down, but the good trail made for a quick return.

Starting back down into the cirque.

The rich upper valley.

Photos taken by Rachel

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