Devil's Thumb
A small subpeak with a great view.

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Distance - Elevation gain - m
ascent / descent

The route starts with the heavily-populated tourist route to Lake Agnes.

The classic view of Lake Louise and the Victoria Glacier.

Mount Whyte with Devil's Thumb (darker but untreed) in front.

Starting up the broad trail to the teahouse.

Mirror Lake and the Big Beehive.

Lake Agnes area pokes out from the forest.

The waterfall below Lake Agnes.

Walk-up waterfall.

Lake Agnes from the east end of the lake. Mount Whyte is the high peak above, and Devil's Thumb is the promontory at left.

From the Lake Agnes teahouse, the trail heads climber's right and follows around the lake to the back corner.
From there it heads up the south slope to the Big Beehive ridge where hikers turn left to that decent viewpoint, and scramblers turn right.

Lake Agnes and Devil's Thumb.

The north shore of Lake Agnes with hiking trail.

Lots of flowers on the hillside above Lake Agnes.

Beautiful lake and larch colour at the far end.

The view across the lake to the Big Beehive switchbacks.

Looking back across the lake to the teahouse and access route.

The trail starts up the switchbacks.

Pavel heads up the trail through a patch of larch.

Pavel and Jeff on the switchbacks.

Lake Agnes from the top of the switchbacks.

A final view of Lake Agnes from the back corner with Mount Saint Piran across the lake.

From the top of the ridge, the trail to the Big Beehive turns left. We turn right and head WSW around the south side of Devil's Thumb.
The route takes a decent ledge to get to west of the peak, then ascends and approaches the peak with an easy walk along the top.

The trail atop the ridge.

Axel hikes up some of the fun terrain.

Jeff and Pavel on the traverse (Big Beehive behind).

The good trail on traverse.

The traverse gains elevation as it contours around.

There's also a great view up the valley from the traverse.

The steep ascent up the backside.

Some parts have decent trail, others are loose.

Edge of Mount Whyte rises above the Thumb.

Cresting the ridge, we can look back down to Lake Agnes.

Fun rockblocks to the top.

Jeff ascends under the watch of Mount Niblock.

The rock on the summit is some of the coolest you'll see anywhere. Frost weathering has left all sorts of vertical cracks, such that the summit appears ready to fracture out to the sides at any time.
It's much more stable underneath than it appears, but it makes for neat photos and really fun walking.
The view from the sumit includes a look back down to Lake Agnes and the beehives, as well as a great view up the Plain of Six Glaciers, plus Mounts Niblock and Whyte directly above.
Considering the minimal effort, it's pretty spectacular.
We chose to come out here on an early July weekend for the view up to the glaciers where we hoped to each some avalanches - and we were successful!!

Rock approaching the summit.

Pavel and Jeff hike the fractured top.

The Victoria Glacier at the west end of the Plain of Six Glaciers (and perfect position to watch anything that falls off!).

Lake Louise ot the right of the Beehive.

Lake Agnes to the left.

Summit pano from the top of Devil's Thumb.

Axel, Jeff, Pavel, and Rachel on top.

Mount Victoria and the Victoria Glacier (with some gathering clouds).

An avalanche off Mount Lefroy.

Once it's down it just looks like a waterfall.

Dark clouds to the west lead us to hurry down off the peak.

We descended back to the col, then down the south side to the Highline Trail, and headed into the Plain of Six Glaciers.
We didn't end up going all the way up the trail, but took the Highline trail until it met the main valley trail and returned down it for a great loop.

Taking the quick way back down.

The Highline Trail into the valley.

Still a fair bit of snow along the Highline Trail.

We hiked up to a waterfall to cool off near the end.

Jeff visits our lovely waterfall. It was a really nice cool break near the end of the hike.

Jeff has a nice break in the waterfall.

Pavel enjoys his shower.

Looking back down to Lake Louise.

Leftover icefalls at the back of the lake.

The flats at the back of the lake - nice colour today!

Attractively blue Lake Louise in July.

Trip sign in Lake Louise!

Photos taken by Pavel and Rachel.

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