Paget Peak
an easy scramble just into Yoho.

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Distance - 9km Elevation gain - 1000m
2 hours ascent / 2 hours descent

Paget Peak begins by hiking up the Sherbrooke Lake Trail, then turning off to the Paget Lookout trail.
About half the elevation is gained on this maintained trail to the old lookout cabin.

The group starts off in the lush Yoho forest.

The well-maintained lookout trail.

Good view of the Kicking Horse valley from near the lookout.

Around the inside corner we can see blue Sherbrooke Lake.

Hiking up the trail with Cathedral Crags behind.

Group photo at the lookout.

Cathedral Crags across the valley.

A flower I'm still trying to identify..

A colourful columbine near the lookout.

Glacier Lilies!

Another glacier lily.

After the lookout, the trail disappears, but it's really not necessary. The route continues directly up the ridge.
It's really just a steep hike on mixed terrain. There are no hands-on areas, and there are paths through much of it.
We continued up to the summit, and did lunch on top.

The group hikes above the lookout.

Uphill on the rocks.

Mount Ogden to the west.

A loook back down the valley.

Neat shapes in the rock.

Classic squiggley Lake Louise-area rock.

The group ascends the ridgeline.

Sherbrooke Lake and Mount Ogden.

The group at the summit, with Mounts Niles and Daly behind.

Summit pano centred on a SE view.

Closer look at Mounts Niles and Daly to the north.

Heading back down.

Photos taken by Rachel

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