Heart Mountain

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Marta and I did the Heart Mountain scramble on a nice chinooky day in January. <
The route was clear to the summit of Heart Mountain, and had occasional deep snow drifts along the ridge to Grant MacEwan.

Marta pauses to hug a tree on the ascent.

Scrambling up to the summit of Heart.

Marta claims the summit of Heart Mountain.

Pano from the summit.

Snow drifts along the ridge.

Marta walking along the snowy ridge.

The final ridge to the summit.

Marta hikes up Grant MacEwan.

The ridge connecting to the Twin Towers.

A look back across Heart Mountain to the north.

Marta and Rachel on the summit.

Piglet enjoys the view from the summit cairn.

Marta walks along the ridge on the return.

Late afternoon lighting at the end of the trip.

Photos taken by Marta and Rachel

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