Shrubs of the Canadian Rockies
currently unorganized

This index includes all shrubs in the Canadian Rockies, as I have been able to photograph and identify them. It is not an exhaustive list, and it is possible that you may not find the shrub you seek to identify. I am adding shrubs steadily as I find and identify new ones. I attempt to include good photographs, but may sometimes include low-quality photos if it is all I have to illustrate a plant.

Any shrub will be included here, as well as flowers or trees that may appear to be shrubs.
Flowering shrubs also appear categorized on the 'flowers' page, but non-flowering shrubs won't be found anywhere else.
As I have only started to collect shrub identifications, I have not yet organized this page in any way.
I will organize the page once I have a decent number of shrubs and have figured out the most logical way to split them.

You can also view a list of all shrubs so far indexed.



(amelanchier alnifolia)

Spreading Dogbane

(apocynum androsaemifolium)

Wolf Willow

(elaeagnus communata)

Cow Parsnip

(heracleum lanatum)

Black Henbane

(hysoscyamus niger)

Labrador Tea

(ledum groenlandicum)

Bracted Honeysuckle

(lonicera involucrata)

Utah Honeysuckle

(lonicera utahensis)

False Azalea

(menziesia ferruginea)

Prickly Wild Rose

(rosa acicularis)

Common Wild Rose

(rosa woodsii)

Black Gooseberry

(ribes lacustre)


(rubus parviflorus)


(shepherdia canadensis)

Twining Honeysuckle

(lonicera dioica)

Northern Gooseberry

(ribes oxyacanthoides)

White Rhododendron

(rhododendron albiflorum)

Oregon Grape

(mahonia repens)

Wild Red Raspberry

(rubus idaeus)

Black Elderberry

(sambucus racemosa)


(symphoricarpos albus)

I have primarily used the following sources to identify plants and confirm details:
Ben Gadd's Handbook of the Canadian Rockies is a great all-in-one source for plants, animals, geology and more.
Mike Potter's Central Rockies Wildflowers is a small guide to the common plants with great photos and organization.
Neil Jennings' Uncommon Beauty, Alpine Beauty, and Prairie Beauty are nice books that include a number of species not seen in other guides, plus plenty of information on each plant and a general introduction to identification.

If there's something missing to my index, or a change that would make things easier, I would love to hear feedback.

I attempt to steadily update this index as I indentify and photograph more plants and parts thereof. I do this for my own interest and in the hopes of helping others by providing the guide I've always wished existed when I want to identify something. I would love for this to someday become an exhaustive index, but it is still a fair ways away from that.

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