Butterflies and Bugs

There are many species I have not yet had a chance to photograph, or photograph well, but I hope to expand in the future.
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White Admiral

(limenitis arthemis)

Mourning Cloak

(nymphalis antiopa)

Common Alpine

(erebia antiopa)

Milbert's Tortoiseshell

(anglais milberti)

Field Crescentspot

(phyciodes campestris)

Zephyr Anglewing

(polygonia faunus)

Anicia Checkerspot

(euphydryas anicia)

Canada Tiger Swallowtail

(papilio canadensis)

Anise Swallowtail

(papilio zelicaon)

Northern Blue

(lycaeides idas)

Mustard White

(pieris napi)

Arctic Skipper

(carterocephalus palaemon)



(bombus fervidus)

Black Pine Sawyer Beetle

(monochamus oregonensis)

Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

(dermacentor andersoni)

Wolf Spider

(pardosa sp.)

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