Tyrell Museum and Badlands walk

With a nasty weather forecast for the mountains, we decided to head the opposite way and see how the badlands looked.
We'd been thinking for a while that it'd be cool to check out the Tyrell museum again, where none of us had been in years.
The weather held out long enough for us to go check out the nearby interpretive trail, and go wandering off through the valley a bit.

Bright flowers in the Tyrell Prehistoric Garden.

Trying a close one.

Marta and Laurier hike up to the badlands outlook.

The colours of the badlands.

Canyon beyond the parking lot.

Pasque Flower (anemone patens).

Our climbing objective.

Wandering through the canyon.

Cool holes in the mud across the way.

Marta hikes up the path.

Laurier and Marta top a plateau.

Marta heads for the summit.

View out across the river valley.

Starting down another path.

Marta descends the bentonite.


We return to the interpretive trail.


Colourful spiky cactus!

Photos taken by Rachel.

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