Prairie Mountain
A good afternoon workout in windy but warm conditions.

Distance- 3.0km Elevation gain - 716m
1hr, 30min ascent / 1hr, 15min descent

Legs are still in pretty pathetic shape, but this went much more quickly than expected.

We started from just behind the winter gate, and ascended various scraps of trail, at a gradual incline at first.
Shortly, we headed deeper in the trees, and ascended steep switchbacks on various sorts of path.
There is no real trail up Prairie, and especially in the winter, it becomes a maze of trails through the trees.
Eventually they coalesce into one trail at treeline, and we took this path up the ridge to the summit.

Olivier hikes up the trail.

The trail heads into thicker forest.

My typical hiking view.

Laurier and Olivier reach the upper ridge.

The corniced final ridge to the summit.

Olivier checks out the view to the north.

Olivier, Laurier, and Rachel on the summit.

The summit was windy, as usual, but cooling off, as we summitted close to four thirty.
We checked out the view and had a snack, then quickly headed back down, with some boot-skiing and snowball throwing on the way.


Starting back down the mountain.


Laurier joins the boot-skiing fun.

Trail heads back into the trees.

Snowball fight break.


Last scrap of trail back to the road.

The 'parking lot' has largely cleared out by now.

We stopped for a quick look at Elbow Falls, then made it back home for a good dinner.

Elbow Falls.

Elbow River.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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