Foran Grade and Windy Point Ridge
Two entry ridges in the Sheep River area

We took snowshoes out on what might be the beginning of spring

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We started from the winter gate on highway 546, and hiked in 1.5 kilometres to the normal Foran Grade Trailhead.
We paused to put on our snowshoes, and get a photo of the multiuse trail, then headed in.
A group from the COC had been through here the day before, so we followed their trail up Foran Grade Ridge.

Multiuse trailhead sign.

Jeff, Rachel, and Adam stop to adjust clothing levels.

Jeff leads us out the Foran Grade Trail.

Jeff, Adam, and Axel on the ascent.

The Foran Grade trail was a nice walk with a small but steady elevation gain.
We followed the tracks to the summit, with a little lunch stop along the way when we found a convenient spot of downed trees.

Looking down the Sheep River valley.

Windy Point Ridge, from the east.

From the summit of Foran Grade, we left the tracks and started breaking trail.
There are a few ways to get to Windy Point Ridge, and some have gone down the end of Foran Grade and traversed the whole of both ridges.
We decided to just go directly to the summit which necessitated about a 100m elevation loss to the pass between.

Our trail down to the pass.

Axel and Adam run down the hill.

Adam, Jeff, and Rachel approach the pass.

The ascent up Windy Point Ridge was about 200m of STEEP snow, which we somewhat switchbacked.
The snow was increasingly wet over the course of the day, which made for excellent snowshoeing.
All the water in the snow allowed it to pack tight really easily, and we sunk very little.
After the short but steep grunt, we made it to the top of Windy Point Ridge, and found a sheltered area for another lunch break.

Axel and Jeff head up the forested slope.

Jeff nears the open top.

Suncrusted snow at the treeline.

View southwest from Windy Point Ridge.

We descended Windy Point ridge via some more steep slopes, passing a neat outcrop of rocks on which some sheep conveniently posed.
The roadwalk was a little over 3km back to the winter gate, and gave us some nice views down the road to the Continental Divide peaks.

Various trails down the lower summit.

Jeff heads down the slope.

Rachel comes down the last slope.

The sheep pose for us on the rocks.

The outcrop from below.

Windy Point Ridge from the closed road.

Rachel, Axel, and Jeff hike back down the road.

Photos taken by Adam, Axel, and Rachel.

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