Tunnel Mountain
a wee little bump of a 'mountain' in Banff townsite

Laurier and I hiked this for a short walk out in late winter

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Tunnel Mountain and Bow Falls

We were looking for a short, easy day out when spring passed briefly through, and headed to Tunnel Mountain in Banff.
I've long thought of doing this hike, but never actually been (aside from a trip on my uncle's back as a small child).
The trail was free of snow, but very icy. We were glad to have spikes with us.

The start of the tail is relatively dry.

Some sort of woodpecker hanging around in a tree partway up.

Laurier hikes up an icy path towards Mount Rundle.

Climb-y photo!

Brown scar of the Banff golf course.

A hidden side of Mount Rundle.

We made the top at a casual pace in right about an hour.
The top of the 'mountain' has a sign announcing your arrival, which is good, because you probably wouldn't have been able to tell otherwise.
The summit used to contain a fire lookout, but that was removed a number of years ago.
Just below the top there is a good view out the north side over the Banff golf course, and to Mount Rundle,
while the view south across the highway is best if you go a little further than the actual summit.
We explored a little, then had lunch and returned down (a 30min trip).

Heading past the summit to the north view.

Laurier returns up the mountain.

Mount Rundle.

Mount Norquay.

After the short hike, we had some extra time, so we headed down to check out Bow Falls.
They were completely frozen over, such that we could actually walk up on the south side on what would be waterfall and check out the river upstream
Piglet got the chance to explore a neat ice cave as well.

People enjoying another view of Mount Rundle.

A very frozen Bow Falls.

Small bits of water flowing under the falls.

The small outflow heading down the Bow.

Neat rocks across the water.

The water flows out from under the icy falls.

View down the river.

Neat little ice cave.

Piglet goes exploring in the ice floes.

Oooh, a cave!

Ice crystals!

Photos taken by Rachel and Laurier.

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