Cross-Country Skiing Log
various short trips in the winter of 2009

West Bragg Creek - January 4, 2009

Laurier and I skiied the Hostel Loop on a sunny day to try out our skiis.
We made it about a kilometre along before I managed to snap the front off of one of my ski boots.
Apparently twenty year old rubber isn't so tough..
We slid back to the car, and swapping shoes, headed back out and managed to complete the loop.

Click for pdf file of Bragg Creek Trails

A ski sign - actually with skiis on!

Fernie Skihill - February 26 - April 1, 2009

Laurier and I had a gorgeous weekend in Fernie with Mentor.
We got in one ski day in great conditions on Friday, then spent Saturday taking it easy.
We got in a little cross-country ski on the groomed hill trails.

We skiied out from our lodge, across the ski area base, and looped the Silk/Manchuria trail.

View from the top of the White Pass Quad, looking beyond the skihill.

Piglet enjoys the view from the top.

Our incredible home for the weekend.

The even more spectacular place next door

View from our front door to the skihill. Lizard Bowl in the centre.

Closer view of Lizard Bowl.

The Manchuria cross country trail.

New ski sign!!

Photos taken by Rachel.

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