Snow Fun
Playing around at Bow Sumit and Upper Kananaskis Lake

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Marta and I took out AST-1 course with the Outdoor Centre on the weekend of December 6-7.
As is standard, we had one classroom day for learning, and then an outtrip at Bow Summit the next day.
It was a very decent course, with lots of valuble information, and our instructors were great.

On the Monday, Kyle and I headed out to snowshoe and play around with some snow assessment.
As it turned out, we had half our adventure before we even left the car
We changed destinations a couple times based on road conditions, and ended up getting stuck a few times in the parking lot.
We ended up heading towards Rawson Lake, but due to all the delay, decided we'd never make it, and stuck to the upper lake trail.

Looking across the lake to Mount Lyautey.

Mount Indefatigable to the north.

Kyle crosses the Sarrail Creek bridge.

The Opal Range through a hole in the snow.

Sarrail Creek falls behind a wall of ice.

Checking out the faceting snow.

Neat little flowing pond heading to the lake.

Kyle hikes back up to the trail.

We stopped off partway along and hiked down to near the lake for a bit to play in the snow.
We pulled out our shovels and created a large pile of tightly packed snow, only to practice digging it out again.
It was a good look at how hard avalanche digging really would be, since it was difficult with just us packing it down.

Re-sign at the Rawson Lake turnoff.

The untrod trail around the lake.

Kyle hiking up.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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