Moose Mountain
a late season hike to the lookout.

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There was a bit of snow and ice on the drive in, but Tracy's car withstood its first big test and delivered us safely to the parking lot.
We started off our hike on the highway-type main trail with relatively packed down snow.
We stopped by to visit our cairn, but some twit of a person had apparently managed to stumble upon it, and decided to disassemble it to create an x on the ground. Twit.

Parking lot ice.

Jeff = squirrel.

Summits in the distance.

Cool lenticular clouds over the mountainfront.

When the trail opened up, some of us went straight, and some switchbacked, meeting at the sign for the steep last section.

Jeff looks back at the trail so far.

Marta and Jeff power up the slope.

Erin, Tracy, and Rachel hit the ridgeline.

Summit from the lower bump.

New sign photo!

Unlike last year, the upper section was bare, save for a few patches of snow, so the walking was easy.
I skipped out after a bit to take the more 'interesting' ridgeline, and some photos from above.

Jeff heads up the trail.

Marta, Tracy, and Erin follow.

Erin, Marta, and Jeff hike the trail around to summit.

Mmmmmm, lunch.

We ate lunch in the shelter of the abandoned-for-the-season lookout, and tried not to freeze in the wind.
I also took a look around, seeking possibility knowledge for a sought traverse to Jumpingpound Mountain.
As we packed up, a helicopter flew in - just people flying up for lunch.
We headed out as they arrived, and had an uneventul return trip.

Ridge between Moose and Jumpingpound Mountains. I really want to do this. Maybe next year...

Helicopter coming in.

The helipad, all lunch eaters cleared off.

Tracy, Marta, Erin, and Jeff head back.

A whole bunch of parties going up or down the lower summit.

Neat shot as the sun lowers in the sky.

Sun passes below the mountain.

Sunset colours from the way home.

Photos taken by Marta and Rachel

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