Stoney Squaw / Banff Day
a wee little hill of a mountain with a decent view over Banff.

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The actual purpose of this day was to attend the Banff Mountain Film Festival.
We went to see the film set at three thirty, and figured we might as well make a day of it.

We set out in the morning, and decided to get a bit of a hike in. We chose Stoney Squaw Mountain as it was short and close to town. The hike didn't take us long, but it was a nice little leg-stretcher, and did get you high enough for some decent views. We also found some neat fossils on top.

We made good time on the hike, so had had a bit of time to walk around in Banff before needing to head over the the theatre, making it to the fudge store, the tea store, and a piercing shop for Michelle who had spontaneously decided on another hole in her ear.

After a few misadventures, we made it to the Banff centre, and met up with Tracy and Keith in time to walk around before things started up.
We saw three films - The Sharp End, an excellent one about some various aspects of climbing on the edge, Spray, a short climbing film, and Latitudes, a 47minute monstrosity of teenage boys showing off a few mountain bike tricks over and over. Don't get me wrong - cool tricks, but there was nothing more than that to the movie and 'look at the cool stuff I can do!' isn't worth 47 minutes. A number of people left during the screening, and I couldn't blame them. Don't see this movie. See The Sharp End. That one was cool.

Post-film festival, we headed out to a pub for some dinner, and finished the day at the hot springs. It was no big epic day of hiking, but it was a good day out, and we got some mountainage out of it.

Cascade Mountain from Stoney Squaw.

View to the east towards Canmore.

Interesting colonial corals on the summit.

A really cool colonial coral, bigger than most,
and well exposed in the eroded rock.

Michelle ready to go.

This guy works so fast he's a blur.


Jeff and Michelle get cozy with a bear.

Marta's got an awesome new hat.


Photos taken by... everyone.

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