Plateau Mountain
A cool nunatak with a 14 square kilometre summit

the third of three Thanksgiving-in-the-Highwood summits

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This hike came on Sunday, after completing Windy Peak Hills and Hailstone Butte on Saturday.
There are many trails up Plateau Mountain, both official and non. We took the easiest way - a fairly direct road up the east side.
There was more snow here than we'd seen anywhere else, and the car just barely made it up to the gate.
The hike is simple - following a road to the south end of the vast summit.

The snowy road up.

Looking back to Raspberry Ridge and the Misty Range.

Elevators? beyond Pasque Mountain.

View out west from the road.

We started out with a view to the north, up to about the Misty Range, and the views opened up as we ascended.
We had to stop periodically as we reached the near summit to check out the Continental Divide peaks of the High Rock Range to the west.

Rachel hikes up the road near summit.

Peaks rising up to the west.

Mount Farquhar (l).

Mount Etherington and nearby summits.

Pano from near the top.
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Pano of peaks to the west and south.
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We explored the south end of the mountain, and stopped for lunch in the rocks on the south face.
We were somewhat sheltered from the wind, and enjoyed the break for our leisurely meal.
By the time we finished our lunch, however, clouds had blocked out the sun, and the weather quickly worsened.

Windy Peak (l), Saddle Mountain, and Mount Livingstone.

Rachel hikes down in search of a lunch spot.

Last view west before the clouds came in.

It began to snow as we made our way back across the plateau, and the biting wind returned in full force.
We hiked back down as quickly as we could, with the snow turning to rain as we got lower.
We were both near drenched by the bottom, and the car was a welcome reprieve.

It's unbelievable how much the top of the mountain resembled typical Alberta prairie once you removed the mountain view.

Would you ever believe we are on top of a mountain?

Could have been taken anywhere in eastern Alberta.

Photos taken entirely by Axel, as my camera remained frozen from yesterday.
(Thankfully it thawed successfuly at home.)

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