Mount Indefatigable
a classic easy scramble at the Kananaskis Lakes

Axel, Jeff, and I set out for a quickie hike to the South Summit.

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I needed to be back in the city early this week, so we sought something short that would still give us a worthwhile hike.
Mount Indefatigable definitely worked out, with a summit and an excellent view.
I'm going to have to come back next year to do the north-south traverse in better weather.

The first kilometre of the trail heads straight up the ridgeline, steeply rising to treeline.

Mount Lyautey from the trailhead.

A new sign photo, at long last!

View down to the interlakes area.

Poorly taken group photo at the first lookout.

Jeff ascends above the Upper Lake.

Upper part of the trail winds through stands of larch and other trees.

After this point, the (newly un-)official trail continues down into the cirque behind.
Heading for only the south summit, we turn off and head uphill.
We continue through the last of the trees and vegetation for a bit as the views continue to open up - particularly of Lower Lake.
The last bit of the ascent finds us scrambling up rock at the top, in any of a few ways.

Looking up the south summit turnoff.

Indefatigable Cirque.

Larch and Lower Lake.

Jeff checks out the view.

Axel and Jeff ascend the slope.

View up the rocky ridgeline.

Jeff and Axel on the ridge ahead.

Taking a look back down the steep slope.

View up the valley towards Hidden and Aster Lake.

View up the valley towards Three Isle Lake.

Upon reaching the top at a strange shelter, we walk a short ridgeline to the summit.
As we made it there, the clouds which had been over us all day moved in lower, and began to cover us.
We got just enough of a view to want to return on a nicer day next summer.
We also scoped out the ridge to the north we then intend to traverse.

Ridge to south summit.

Looking down at point campground area on the Upper Lake.

Mount Nomad to the north.

Ridge to the North Summit.

Mist comes in over Kent Ridge and unnamed.

The clouds set in around us, closing off the route view.

The descent was uneventful, though brutally steep.
We were stuck in the clouds through the rocky scrambling section, but as we reached the trees we found ourselves back underneath.
It drizzled intermittantly for the rest of our descent, but other than some slightly muddy bits, was never too problematic.

Emerging under the summit clouds.

Clouds clear the view down to Lower Lake.

Shed needles create a golden carpet below the Larch.

Photos taken by Rachel

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