Ink Pots
The classic tourist route through Johnston canyon to the ink pots beyond

We took a big group out this weekend for Marta's birthday

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We set out for a day in Banff, starting with a hike through Johnston Canyon to the ink pots.
The first part of the trail is the wheelchair-accessible, shopping mall-crowded catwalk through the canyon.
We hiked through, visiting the lower and upper falls, as well as an additional waterfall I hiked into and finally found.
Marta was blindfolded for the drive up, and we left her unable to see for the beginning of the trail.

A blind Marta is surrounded by the rest of the group.

Marta is led along the trail.

Falls along Johnston Creek.

More waterfalls.

First view of the lower falls.

Lower Falls from the tunnel viewpoint.

The group emerges from the tunnel.

Looking down at yet another set of falls.

The secret extra falls I've missed every other time.

Pretty hidden falls.

The Upper Falls from the bottom - low flow in September.

Long chute of the Upper Falls from above.

The large tufa wall on the east side.

Water flows off the edge.

Past the upper falls the trail turns to normal trail, though wide and easy walking.
It gains a bit of elevation before dropping back down to the river valley behind the canyon.
We stopped for lunch at the ink pots, then returned the same way.

Mount Ishbel to the east.

Lookint way up to the valley split past Larry's camp.

First pretty cold spring.

A milky green ink pot.

The deepest spring; a clear blue.

Algal growth in one of the springs.

Sinkhole formed as air escapes and leaves the bottom to collapse.

Another large sinkhole with bubble escaping.

Piglet finds an umbrella.

A new sign shot from the Banff parkade.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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