Upper Kananaskis Paddling
another overnight at the point campground, this time by boat.

16 of us headed out this weekend to paddle the lake in much better weather than last year.

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After some trouble locating our trailer, and getting its electrical cables working, we made it out to the lakes still reasonably early.

The group shows up and starts unloading.

Sorting through all our gear.

When we set out, the lake was just off glassy, with barely any wind, and some great reflections.

Laurier paddles around the island (usually a penninsula)

Mike and Remus come up in the double kayak.

Piglet has a prime view out at the lake.

Piglet finds a safer spot with Laurier.

Laurier paddles out along the calm water.

The wind picked up as we crossed the lake, adding some great colour, but not too much trouble.

The wind picks up along the lake.

Rest of the boats coming up the lake.

Lynn, Lynnette, and Alex paddle by Indefatigable.

Neat wisps of clouds all through the sky.

The little inlet near which we camped.

Mike and Remus pull into the shallows at the front of the campsite - so much prettier when the water's high like this.

The weather held for us all evening, and we had some great food and a campfire at one of the sites.
Sunday dawned just as nice, and while the water was choppier, as we headed out later, the wind helped from behind us.

Sun on the crystal blue water.

Jeff, Mike, and Remus canoeing on the way back.

Indefatigable and another gorgeous day.

Sarrail Creek Falls and the hiking trail.

Passing over the penninsula again.

A marooned Kevin claims an island.

Upon our return, we unpacked and loaded up the boats, and went back in for a swim.
The water in the Kananaskis Lakes actually warms up really well in the summer, and the swim was great after a warm paddle home.
Laurier, Marta, and I also practiced flipping our kayaks and exiting them underwater.

Laurier prepares to flip.

a 'wet exit'.

Photos taken by Rachel

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