Wind Ridge
A small hike with a great view above Canmore

after seeing it in a Pink Floyd video, I finally made it up to check out this excellent vantage point.

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We start in the mess of trails above Canmore, turning around the ridge before ascending aggressively.

Axel and Marta hike uphill.

Mount Lougheed to the NW.

Axel and Jeff head up.

The Rimwall.

Jeff hikes past Lougheed and the Windtower.

Wild Gaillardia on the hillslope.

The trail winds ever upwards.

The ridge ahead.

Marta takes in the view on a break.

Group shot in front of West Wind Pass.

Approaching the cliffband above.

Brutally steep trail ahead.

The only difficulty along the trail is a short rockband near the top.
It requires a hands-on climb of a short distance, but there are ample holds, and the rock is uncharacteristically decent.
After the climb, it's a short climb to the top of the ridge, and a steady walk to the summit.

Marta, Jeff, and Axel approach the rockband.

Rachel considers taking flight.

Marta checks out the bow valley.

Success!! ...for this rock at least.

Photo time!

Jeff shows off his muscles.

Goofing off.

more of the same.

Heading up the last slope

Cool terrain below the summit block.

Three Sisters view from the top.

The Rimwall and 'the orphan'.

Piglet poses in front of the Three Sisters.

Hiker Nirvana.

Summit pano - prominent mountains l-r:
Pidgeon Mountain, (valley), Mount Collembola, Mount Allan, Mount Lougheed, The Windtower, The Rimwall, 'the orphan', Big Sister, Middle Sister, Little Sister, Grotto Mountain.

View down to Canmore and Banff to the west.

After reaching the summit, the normal method is to return the way we came.
Up for some exploration, we decided to continue along the ridge, descend to the valley, and return along the low trail.
We headed off along the ridge to search for an appropriate descent path.

Marta, Jeff, and Axel descend the summit rockband.

Looking back along the ridgeline.

Hiking along the ridge.

Fields of flowers in the grass,

Sidehilling below the ridgeline.

Looking out at the Windtower from the rock change.

A look back at the change in layers.

Looking for a route.

Wide shot of the Windtower and Rimwall.

As we passed into the limestone under the Rimwall, we found ourselves continuing with no located path down.
We eventually found a decent-looking gully, and headed down.
After a little, the gully petered out and filled with brush. We bushwhacked over to a nearby grassy slope, and tried further.
When that too became bushwhacking, we decided to give up and go back, where we at least knew there was trail.

Jeff and Marta reascend our lost elevation.

Hiking back up the grassy ridge.

A break on the lower summit while we consider routes.

Jeff, Axel, and Marta reascend the last summit block.

Mount Lougheed in the diminishing llight.

After resummitting, we had a straightforward and trouble-free way down the main trail.
There were no troubles, but it made for a much longer, tougher day than any of us had planned.

Jeff hugs the car he thought he'd never see again.

Wild Gaillardia (gaillardia aristata).

Umbrella Plant (eriogonum umbellatum).

Twinflower (linnaea borealis).

Field Chickweed (cerastium arvense).

Blue-eyed Grass (sisyrinchium montanum).

Stickseed (lappula squarrosa).

Blue Beardtongue (penstemon albertinus).

Photos taken by Axel and Rachel

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