Fairview Mountain
An apltly named peak above Lake Louise.

I chose this straightforward pseudoscramble for my first coordinated event with the C.O.C.

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The first three kilometres is on well-maintained park trail, switchbacking up to the saddleback.
A worthwhile dayhike for those not up to a lot of elevation, it, and Sheol valley behind are very pretty, with an already decent view.
The saddleback pass is bordered on one side by Saddle Peak, a little stub to the southeast, and the other by Mount Fairview.

The group hikes the saddleback trail.

Ascending talus fields near the pass.

Last bit of trail through diminishing trees.

Sheol Mountain on the other side of the pass.

Saddle Peak.

Haddo Peak.

Finsihing up to the pass.

Above the pass, the trail becomes unofficial, but still very well-trodden, alternately switchbacking and heading right up.
It's a straightforward 400m to ascend before we get the view for which this mountain was named.

Francois starts up the scramble.

View west to Haddo, Aberdeen, and Lefroy

We made it to the summit in good time, and pulled on our jackets to buffer the incredible wind. -we'd been lucky on the ascent.
Lunch was excellent in a small corner a little under the summit for shelter, and then we all spent some major camera time.

Jana checks out the view.

Me and Mount Victoria.

Looking at the great view in all directions.

Group shot at the summit.
(l-r) Thomas, Jana, Mike, John, Francois, Rachel

Looking waaay down to Lake Louise.

Upper plain of six glaciers.

A thrilled Piglet poses in front of Mount Temple.

Victoria Glacier's bergschrund.

Pileup of Haddo, Aberdeen, and Lefroy.

Summit pano - somewhat marred by the plethora of tourists in all places.

After a good while, we set off back down the mountain, some of us switchbacking our way, and others finding more interesting routes.
We reconvened at the pass.

View down to the Saddleback and Saddle Peak.

Thomas descends.

Mount Temple and Lake Annette.

At the pass, we considered Saddle Peak, and four of us decided to tack on the second little summit.
While Mike and Jana lounged at the pass, Thomas, John, Francois and I raced up the slope.
We made excellent ascent and descent time, but took way longer than intended on top, due to the suprisingly awesome view.
While much lower than Fairview, and lacking the view over the lake, the location of Saddle Peak
allowed a view right up Paradise Valley, including Lake Annette below Mount Temple, and the view back into Sheol Valley.

Sheol Valley.

Thomas looks out.

Fairview from Saddle Peak.

Looking down the environs.

Dropoff on the Paradise Valley side.

The guys check out the cliff.

Rachel runs along for another view of the edge.

Temple and Lake Annette.

Thomas starts back down.

A hoary marmot and baby, spotted in the talus.

Valerian (valeriana sitchensis).

Valerian (valeriana sitchensis).

Alpine Poppy (papaver kluanensis).

Western Spring Beauty (claytonia lanceolata).

Photos taken by Thomas, Mike, Jana, Francois, and Rachel

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