Rimwall Summit
an excellent easy scramble with an incredible view

I joined Jack and Carmel of the Calgary Outdoor Club for this hike on a gorgeous summer day.

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Starting from the unofficial trailhead shared with West Wind Pass and the Windtower, we started the ascent quickly, gaining elevation on good path with occasional views across the pass, and down the valley.

Starting up the trail.

Windtower above West Wind Pass.

Shady trail.

Jack and Carmel ascend in front of Mount Lougheed.

View south down the Spray Valley.

Within an hour we had broken treeline, and set in for the scrambling. The first section to tackle included loose rock of all sizes, aiming for the ridge.

Ascending the rockband just below treeline.

Jack and Carmel ascend the ridgeline.

Piglet enjoys the scenery.

Picking our way up through the pinnacles.

From the ridge we already had a great view of the valley, and the sheer rock of our own peak and the others nearby.
We continued the ascent, staying a little back of the ridge to ascend a couple rockbands.

Ridgeline up to summit.

Windtower below Mount Lougheed.


Rachel walks towards the Exshaw band. (photo by Jack).

Carmel and Jack hiking along the ridge.

Carmel hikes up.

Traversing to the first rockband.

Another view back acros the layers to Mount Lougheed and beyond.

The last section along the ridge required a small amount of scrambling to surmount two short rockbands.
In less time that I could have expected, we found ouselves on the summit.

Jack and Carmel ascend the first rockband.

View back down the ridgeline to West Wind Pass,

Group shot on summit.

Full pano from summit - what a view!
(distant) Mount Collembola, (near) Windtower, (d) Mount Allan, (n) Mount Lougheed, Mount Sparrowhawk, various peaks down the spray valley east of the lakes.
(across lake) Mount Nestor, Old Goat Mountain
(contiguous) Various unnamed peaks along the thrust, (behind) Big Sister, Middle Sister, Little Sister, (low and green) Wind Ridge,
(across the bow valley) Squaw's Tit, Mount Lady Macdonald, Grotto Mountain, road home.

After a little time on the summit, and lunch just below, we started down.
There is a scree gully partway along that we figured would make a much nicer descent than the uneven rocks we ascended.
Just below the point at which we reached the ridge, we turned off for this alternate route.

Rachel descending the second rock band (photo by Jack).

Looking back up at descent gully.

Looking down at stepped rock for descent.

Jack and Carmel fly down the scree.

Carmel stoppin where the trails pass.

The original plan was to rejoin the ascent trail at the end of the excellent scree run.
Upon reaching that point, however, we noticed that our current drainage continued down along bits of forest cover and open rock.
We decided to follow it a little longer, and ended up taking it right back to the road.
A little further down it consolidated into a dry creekbed with some awesome rock to walk along and study.
This gully, up until the scree, would actually make a really nice ascent too, for someone interested in the straight and steep route.

Dry creekbed rock.

Looking back up the creekbed.

Dry waterfall along the creek.

Carmel descends the dry gully.

In the level forest right near the bottom, the stream bed dried up and ended. We bushwhacked a small way back towards our cars.
Very cool parts about this route were the interesting rock, and fossils therein, plus a spruce grouse with chicks in the forest.

Grouse chicks!

A look back up the mountain from Spray Resevoir

Purple Saxifrage (saxifraga oppositifolia).

Alpine Buttercup (ranunculus eschscholtzii).

Yellow Draba (draba paysonii).

Photos taken by Rachel, except where noted.

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