Sparrowhawk Valley
an attempt at another visit to the Sparrowhawk Tarns

sadly, derailed by thunderstorms and such inclement weather.

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We headed up the valley trail from the Spray/Smith-Dorrian, bypassing the trails off to Read's Ridge and the summit of Mount Sparrowhawk.

Turnoff to Read's Ridge

Lora and Andrew hike along the trail.

The valley starts to open up before us.

Looking up to the Sparrowhawk ridgeline.

In short time we reached the beginning of the talus field. There is still no clear mark here, so we built a cairn to mark the trail back.
I remember from last time that it can be quite hard to find your way back in along the correct trail.
Unfortunately, not long into the field, it began to rain, and we had lunch under the shelter of some larch trees.
With the iffy weather continuing - including a thunderstorm, we decided to head back instead of continuing up.

Niccole looks back up the valley from trail cairn.

Lora and Andrew start up the talus field.

Valley view from midway in.

Andrew, Laurier, Lora, Rachel, and Niccole.

Looking out to the valley below.

The decaying thunderstorm.

Stopping by the reservoir on the way home.

White Mountain Aven (dryas octopetala).

Purple Sweet Vetch ().

more Vetch ().

Photos taken by Rachel

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