East End of Rundle
Another classic scramble rising above Canmore

I finally made it out for a first attempt on this end of Rundle, unfortunately not to succeed.

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Dionysius and I got a nice early start on this morning to finally ascend the East End of Mount Rundle.
Unfortunately, I've been sick lately, and deteriorated as we ascended, causing us to turn around the very end of treeline.

First view upslope to the scramble.

Ascending path below the first bump.

Dionysius hikes up a rock shelf.

View down the Spray valley to the Goat Range.

Grotto Mountain north across the Bow valley.

Baby sheep along the way.

Hiking up above the bump.

View up to the scattered stands of trees -
the highest of which was our turnaround point.

Spray canal below us.

Chinaman's and Miner's Peak and
Mount Lawrence Grassi to the SE.

Pano shot of the upper reaches of EEOR.

Descending the last bit to the canal.

Panicled Aster (aster simplex).

With me feeling better at the bottom, we did a little hike up Grassi Lakes to salvage the day, and take a look at the rock.

Waterfall below Chinaman's Peak.

Lower Grassi Lake.

Piglet at Grassi Lakes.

Massive algae growth in the lake.

Small waterfall between the two lakes.

Photos taken by Dionysius and Rachel.

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