Miner's and Chinaman's Peaks
A great double peak hike above Canmore.

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We followed the trail up to the rideline, then summitted the Three Miners and Miner's Peak, then crossed over to Chinaman's.

Four of us set out in the hopes of a decent trail after the month of early spring we've had.
For the most part, this trail didn't disappoint.
The trail starts at Whiteman's Gap, with a parking lot and trailhead and everything.
For the first 500 or so of the 700m to gain, it's switchbacks through the trees.
This part of the trail was snowy, but boot packed and not too slippery on the way up.

Great triple sign at the parking lot.

East End of Rundle and canal at start.

High Fashion this hiking season.

Bootpacked trail near treeline.

Above treeline, there was almost no snow at all - a cornice over the edge above Canmore, and a little on the north face above Miner's Peak.
We hiked straight up to the col between the peaks, then over to Miner's first.
Not shown on the map, there is an additional peak to the south of Miner's peak.
Being a tri-summited bump, I shall refer to this as the Three Miners.
After summiting all high points in the vicinity, we stopped for lunch at the low point between Miner's Peak and the Three Miners.

Bare trail above treeline.

View up east to the Three Miners.

Peter hiking up snow to the first peak.

Ridgeline between the first and second peak.

Second Miner, from the first.

Third Miner, from the second.

Kevin and Axel make their way up to the second peak.

First and lowest of the three.

Kevin descending to the low point.

'Three Miners' from Miner's Peak.

Peter, Rachel, and Kevin on Miner's Peak.

Peter and Kevin descending from Miner's Peak.

After lunch we headed back to the col, and ascended Chinaman's Peak.
This part of the trail was entirely snow-free, with nice dry rock the whole way.
Chinaman's was expectedly windy, so we didn't spend much time on top.

Chinaman's from the col.

Chinaman's Peak and Mount Rundle.

Peter and Axel cross the col towards Chinaman's Peak.

Kevin crossing the col from Miner's Peak.

Axel, Peter, Kevin, and Rachel on Chinaman's Peak.

View southeast to Miner's Peak and Mount Lawrence Grassi.

View northwest to Mount Rundle.

View westnorthwest along the Goat Creek trail to Banff.

The beautiful weather we'd had all day unfortunately was not so beneficial to the trail.
On the descent, the sun had warmed the snow, and it was a slippery mess. Rarely icy, but the snow slid with you.
Axel managed to pick his way down on foot, while Peter and Kevin slid down, and Rachel accidentally joined them many times.

Kevin descending the last of the bare rock.

Peter and Axel start into the switchbacks.

Kevin starts descending the snow.

Kevin and Peter's way down.

Ultimate boot-luge championships - 400m to go!

Photos taken by Axel and Rachel.

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