Sulphur Mountain
A nice nice winter legstretch with a free gondola ride down.

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We followed the switchbacking trail fron the gondola parking lot to summit, then continued to the summit of Sanson Peak after lunch.

The trail up the NE side of the mountain is a series of switchbacks traipsing back and forth under the gondola.
There was a fair base of snow on the trail, but it was all well packed enough as to barely need gaiters.
At a snow out-of-season pace, we made it to the upper terminal in about two hours, and continued to the summit of Sanson Peak after lunch.
This is no longer available all year, but in the winter it is still possible to get a free gondola ride down if you hike up, so we did.
Laurier, Gorana and Rachel got out for this hike, though Laurier cleverly evaded photography.

Gondola passing by above us.

View past Tunnel Mountain to Lake Minnewanka.

Strange snow formation off a snag on the way up.

The gondola terminal and view down to Spray valley.

Banff Townsite and Cascade Mountain.

Mounts Cory and Edith north across the valley.

Mounts Inglismaldie, Girouard, Peechee to the east.

Mounts and Brett to the west.

Double summits of Mount Norquay to the north.

Mount Aylmer and unnamed peaks NE above Lake Minnewanka.

Looking down from the gondola ride.

Excellent slippy sign.

Gorana and Rachel with a double set of slippy signs.

Photos taken by Rachel, Laurier, and Gorana.

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