Prairie Mountain
a none-too wintry January hike in the elbow valley.

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Prairie Mountain lies in the elbow valley between highway 66 and Canyon Creek.
Due to its windblown frontrange location, its summit is often snow-free through most of the winter.
After recent nice weather, most of the mountain was clear or under a thin crust - great winter hiking.
There isn't much to the trail, and I didn't take many photos along the trail - you go straight up any of a number of paths.
When you can't go up any more, you have found the summit! :)

Elbow Falls in winter.

Closer shot of Elbow Falls.

Ice forming on the rocks at the edge of the falls.

Elbow river meanders leading up to the falls.

Axel coming up the trail after a viewpoint.

Rachel checking out a neat tree.

Rachel, Axel, and Andreas in the tree.

Axel and Andreas ascend along a lightly corniced edge.

Axel heads on to the summit.

Andreas following up at treeline.

View of Calgary way east across the foothills.

Looking west to the mountains under a perfect chinook arch.

Tiara Peak.

Looking SSW to the Banded group./

View down the the Ice Caves in Moose Mountain's south spur.

Andreas and Axel descend to the highway behind interesting sign..

Photos taken by Rachel, Axel, and Andreas.

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