Moose Mountain
A nice late season hike to the summit of a front-range mountain in the elbow valley.

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The trail (assuming you don't follow the sign and miss it completely), is wide and easy to follow.
Shortly after gaining a little elevation at the beginning, it drops down a long hill, and then works its way upwards
as you ascend the rolling hills of a ridgeline.
This rises you up to the smooth dome of a lower summit, before losing a little elevation and curving around to reach the true summit.

After getting mixed up last week, I knew where to find the correct trail this time, and we got on it from the beginning.
The beginning of the trail was in a couple inches of snow, but never higher than a pair of hiking boots.
Near the lower summit, the trail broke treeline, and the views opened up. Above the trees, it was usually windblown pretty dry.

Trying another possible interpretation of a signpost.

First view of the summits.

The guys coming up a hil.

Breaking above the solid treeline, we can now see the dome summit.

The trail along to the lower summit.

From partway up, looking back to the parking lot.

The guys waiting for me on the lower summit.

View of the lookout and main summit.

Rob, Axel, and Adam make their way across the lower summit.

Rob, Axel, Laurier, and Adam heading onwards.

Looking up from the mini-saddle on the lower summit.

The saddle under the main summit is the endpoint for bikes, horses, and those afraid of mild exposure.
We continued on, but the quality of trail greatly declined.
There were a few sketchy bits where snow had hidden ice on the rocks, but for the most part the trail continued to be simple.
The wind was another story...

Laurier, Axel, and Adam start up the summit slope.

Troublesome mixed terrain.

Final traverse below the summit.

360 degree shot from the summit. Beautiful day if it weren't for the wind.

Mount Rae through the banded group.
This photo is the opposite of this photo, taken from mount rae last year.

View of a ridgewalk I'm looking to try out next year - traversing between Jumpingpound summit and Moose mountain.
Looks like the most difficult part will be on the ridge out from this summit.

While it was sunny and relatively warm for mid-november, the wind was battering us painfully, making it extremely cold on top.
For the sake of our body heat and not losing anything, we headed down quickly after lunch and photography.

Traverse below the summit on the way back.


Wind stirs up a snowy funnel near the saddle.

Axel and Adam disappear in the blowing snow.

Snow blowing across the mountain.

More pretty blowing snow.

Heading back along the trail just before dipping back into the trees.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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