Moose Bump
A small bump off the Mooose Mountain trail

We intended to summit Moose Mountain, but got off-trail right from the parking lot, and found our way here instead.

Marta and I headed out for a late day hike to Moose Mountain, but by following the sign in the parking lot, found the wrong trail.
We wandered around for a bit, sometimes following other footprints, sometimes making it up, and eventually found this nice little rise.
It's pretty out of the way, and while accessible from the mail trail, it's not something you'd likely just stumble onto.
We found a nice lookout towards the summit of the mountain, and decided to build a cairn, in lieu of further wanderings.
(For you cairn-haters, I understand, and I agree that cairns every few steps are obnoxious. I promise you this is one people will not be running into.)
At any rate, following our construction, we started to head back, but checked out this other spot nearby that had looked a little trail-like.
Ironically, that was, of course, the actual trail - not far from us at all. We followed it down the big hill, and up a ways, but didn't have time to get to anywhere serious.
A good day out, despite the lack of actual hiking, and an enjoyable construction project. :)

Piglet explores the snow dunes.

More neat snowdrift patterns in the trees.

view of the open 'bump' we found.

Double summits from the bump.

The cairn.

Photos taken by Marta and Rachel.

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