Rummel Lake
A late-season snow hike to a small lake with larch forest.

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The trailhead is not marked, and the beginning is a little uncertain. We followed directions and traillets, and managed to find our way up.
The trail gains most of the elevation near the beginning, while winding around a little

Starting up the mixed slope

mountains? across the valley.

Axel hikes through the forest.

Jenn comes up the slope.

A bit of blue sky peeks through the larch.

A poor larch weighted down by snow.

After the first ascent, there is a connecter trail to Chester Lake. It's a little overgrown, and hard to tell from this end.
Past this, we ascend a little further to shortly reach the lake.
Sadly, the touch of blue sky was gone by this point, and we didn't get any sun, but the lake area was still pretty.

The runout creek of Rummel Lake.

Rummel Lake and Mount Galatea.

Piglet does some exploring.

Rachel, Jenn, and Axel at the lake.

We stopped for lunch at the lake, and then headed back down the trail as the clouds moved lower.

Edge of Mount Galatea above the lake and larch.

Spray Valley with low clouds.

Axel and Jenn descend the snowy upper trail.

Old road near the bottom.

Interesting sign on the Mount Engadine Lodge road.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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