Pocaterra Cirque
A short trail to a pretty bowl above the Highwood Pass.

I went out with my parents for this afternoon hike to check out the larch. A little snowy, but perfectly golden!

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As with all trails in this area, the elevation gain is greatly lessened by starting at 2200m.
The trail to this cirque skirts around the edge of Highwood Ridge, then descends to a small tarn.
With another quick gain, you top the headwall and find yourself in larch-dotted Pocaterra Cirque.
We climbed over the next minor ridge towards Grizzly Col, but turned back before reaching it, due to approaching bad weather.
The snow and cloud lessens any hike a little, but this cirque remains at least as nice as Ptarmigan across the highway - and much less travelled!

Dad coming through the trees.

Steep, slippery bit of trail - poles are very worthwhile in these conditions.

Look back across the Highwood valley to lower reaches of Mount Rae.

Mount Rae and the trail traversing the bottom of Highwood Ridge.

Dad in the larch.

Dad hiking up past the larch-ringed tarn.

Larch on the small headwall below Pocaterra Cirque.

Larch below Mount Tyrwhitt.
See here for a trip to the arch.

Group photo in front of Grizzly Col.

Little Highwood Pass from the highpoint.

Descending below Pocaterra Ridge.

Dad below Mount Tyrwhitt.

Mom and the now-thawed tarn.

Mount Rae above the tarn.

Mom walking along the karsty last bit of trail.

Storm Mountain shining in the sun.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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