Mount Yamnuska
A nice fall hike along the Yamnuska ridgeline.

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David, Axel and I headed to Mount Yamnuska for a shorter day on a gorgeous, though hazy fall afternoon.
The trail up Yamnuska is very clear and easy to follow. Although at times there are multiple, none of the paths are difficult.
We took the usual hikers trail up to Raven's End, before continuing with the pseudoscramble.

Path through the low forest.

Turnoff for a more direct trail.

Yamnuska ridgeline from the hiking trail.

Rachel, David, and Axel in front of a hazy Bow Valley.

Trail up the ridge.

Last little section of shaded trail.

Turning west on the ridge, we now see the backside.

Little scramble step to Raven's end

Axel coming up the scramble step.

David looking out at the backside of the mountain.

Heading up the bit of scree to our snackspot.

chipmunk visiting.

Chipmunk goes after David's snack.

View along the height of the ridge bumps.

After our snack, we continued along the trail, staying mostly to the ridgeline and high trails.
The next interesting spot is the cable ledge, at which you walk along a shallow ledge for a few steps, aided by a bolted cable to hold.
After the ledge, the normal route is descends some number of metres to walk around a rocky rib, then regains the upper pathways.
David headed around, while Axel and I chose to traverse directly across the rock. It's definitely climbing, but it's not difficult.
After crossing the ledge, it's a short walk up one more ridge to the summit.

View back to the first bump and snackspot.

Minor summits on the ridge.

Axel coming down from a minor summit.

The cable ledge and notch beyond.

Axel coming around on the ledge.

Further view of the ledge with another party on it.

Axel climbing around.

Axel trying to keep low under the ledge.

Why Rachel finds the climbing easier than Axel. :)

A few minor summits.

David going around below.

Looking down the face from the summit of Yamnuska.

We stopped at the summit for lunch, with a few other groups, and checked out the hazy view, then continued down the other side.
This mountain makes a great loop. We have followed decent trail most of the way to the summit, and now all the way down will be loose trail and scree.
The first bit down the backside is mostly trail, with some bits of loose rock. After curving around the shoulder, we find ourselves under the imposing face.
There is a semblance of trail the whole distance along under the cliff, so to continue, you can walk as far as desired to find the perfect scree run.
It's unfortunate but inevitable - the scree has degraded since I was last here a few years ago. The whole thing used to be an excellent run.
Now it's going to take much better selection, but there are still good lines to be found.
Once down the length of scree, a trail comes together somewhere near the bottom, and rejoins the ascent trail back to the parking lot.

Axel, Rachel, and David at the summit.

Looking at the 'quick way' down to the scree.

Summit cairn.

Piglet peeks over the edge.

David and Axel start down the trail.

Trail down the backside.

A bit of scree starting, still on the back west.

Looking back up to the summit, from west shoulder.

Piglet plays around while waiting for others to catch up.

Axel arriving at the shoulder.

Trail to the front side.

David and Axel coming down the frontside trail.

Hiking along to find the perfect scree run.

David starts down the scree.

Trail along the base of the cliffs.

David sliding down ahead.

Last view up at the cliffs.

Axel peers up at ...something.

David coming down the treed section of trail.

David hiking through the forested last bit.

Sign fun!

Photos taken by Rachel

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