Skoki Basecamping
A four day trip into skoki, staying at and daytripping from Hidden Lake.

days 3 and 4 this page, days 1 and 2 on page 1.

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Day three we woke up to beautifully sunny skies, which had unfortunately begun to cloud even by the time we got hiking.
Our objective for the day was Mount Richarson, to the northwest of Hidden Lake.

Our campsite in the morning.

Eating area of the campsite.

Trail towards Hidden Lake.

Peter and Laurier at Hidden Lake.

Another failed panorama, of Hidden Lake.
Mount Richardson, Pika Peak, and Ptarmigan Peak.

A loon on Hidden Lake.

Reaching Hidden Lake, we took a few photos, and continued towards the mountain.
We took a route almost level with the south end of the lake, planning to curve upwards to meet the ridgeline. I strongly don't recommend it.
The line I chose started out as just a steep slope, but devolved into climbing layers of increasingly loose rock.
On something more solid, it would have been an awesome scramble, but with half the holds pulling out, it was pretty sketchy.
As we discovered on our way down, there is actually a very easy barely-scramble route.
One heads southwest from the lake a ways, and then turns up to gain the ridge, rather than trying to hit it directly.

Mount Richardson and Richardson Ridge.

Arrow showing our (not recommended) route.

Hiking up the grassy part.

Peter and Laurier climb up as the terrain worsens.

Hidden Lake from Richardson Ridge.

We managed to crest the ridge eventually, despite the poor route, and found a good trail along it.
Unfortunately, we also saw threatening clouds heading in from Lake Louise, confirming that the noises on our way up were thunder.
We decided to retreat down the ridge instead of continuing up, not wanting to be stuck on top in a storm.
The great thunderstorm never did hit us, but it did rain solidly on our way back, making us satisfied with the retreat.

Path to the summit from ridge.

Path southwest along Richardson Ridge.

Laurier picking along the ridge.

Peter descending some ridge rocks.

Rachel climbs up a rock face for fun.

oooh, intense... :)

Ridge to the summit of Mount Richardson, and bowls to its west.

Laurier and Peter descending a mixed slope.

Peter way in the distance below.

Pika and Ptarmigan Peaks over the last bit of sunlight on Hidden Lake.

Laurier and Peter silhouetted on the rocks.

Laurier and Peter descending talus.

The slope we descended. (not bad terrain for coming down, probably annoying to ascend.)

We stopped for lunch by a tarn above Hidden Lake, and caught some nice reflections of the surrounding peaks.
As it started to rain, we raced back to the campsite for another evening in the halfway hut.

A pano I finally did right! Mount Richardson, Pika Peak, and Ptarmigan Peak reflected in a tarn above hidden Lake.

Halfway hut - again our salvation for the evening.

The last day was probably the nicest so far, but unfortunately it was slated for no more than the trip home.

Water-fetching creek and Mount Richardson.

Laurier and Peter start the trail back.

Laurier and Peter crossing

Last look back to the peaks around Hidden Lake.

After a few nights of rain, the horse-chewed trail was an even muckier mess.

Signage fun back at the parking lot.

See Page 1 for the first day in, and second day's circle of Ptarmigan, Baker, and Redoubt lakes.

Photos taken by Rachel.

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